All Jacked Up

Our Halloween event is haunted! But our creative spirit won’t be denied. Though it’s a little trickier than usual, we’re still treating Halloween like the major holiday it’s always been — with Killer Jacks and cutthroat competition.

And this year, we’re adding a new pumpkin category to our usual line-up of painted and carved jack-o’-lanterns. Friends and families are invited to share their carved creations in our display gallery.

Welcome to Adcetera’s 2020 Halloween celebration. It’s all here online. It’s frightfully fun, and it’s All Jacked Up!

Meet The Betrayed Princess

As the rightful heir to the Halloween 2020 throne, the Princess of Jacks had grand plans for ruling over festivities across the kingdom. Then a mysterious, dark force covered the land and threatened to destroy the spirit of Halloween. Villagers and townspeople scattered into the wilderness and hid in the far reaches of their homes to escape certain peril. Now the Princess of Jacks, feeling rage and betrayal, is plotting to unleash her revenge and reclaim her power over all people and their pumpkins on Halloween night.


Conjuring the spirit of Halloween is a time-honored tradition. Each year presents a new opportunity to release something wickedly awesome into the far realms of the dark holiday. With each pencil stroke, the ghoulish gourd’s persona comes to life.


The annual ritual releases the characters of Halloween from their hidden imprisonment. Fueled by equal parts imagination and intuition, the artist’s details emerge, and the pumpkin’s true personality and potential become real.


Color and careful refinement make the final creation especially freakish yet fantastic. True spirit takes over and a new generation of ghoulish gourds takes their place in the throne room of Halloween royalty.

Alas, the hour has passed!

Voting is now closed, but you can still enjoy our gallery of this year’s pumpkin creations.
Winners will be announced November 2

Oh My Gourd: 5.7M Views!

Since its release in 2009, our 3D singing pumpkins video has really racked up the views on YouTube and has become a perennial favorite in the Halloween video category on the streaming video platform. One watch and you’ll see why!