Jacked Up Pumpkins 2022

The results are in!

Congratulations to our three winners.They really are the Picks of the Patch.

Ghastly Gourds and Tarot-fying Talent combine in Adcetera's 25th Annual Pumpkin Competition

In this silver celebration of our hallowed holiday, Adcetera's past, present, and future are laid bare by our resident psychic, Miss Fortune. A traditional three-card draw, she invokes the spirits of the arcane arts. Which pumpkin will be voted to fame and fortune? And which will fall victim to a dark path? You decide!


The Eight of Pentacles indicates a period of dedication, hard work, focus, and ambition. For decades we have toiled—not in vain—over our art, our lives, our goals. Similarly, hard work and focus are reflected in the gallery for those who have labored over their pumpkin creations to reach new levels of mastery.


The Ace of Wands signifies success in all aspects. This combination of success backed by hard work and luck is what forms the basis of the Ace card in the Tarot deck. Take a look around and you'll see the spoils of strong effort, luck, and fiery passion. Also, look around and see passion and dedication in the eyes of your pumpkin carving competition.


The Nine of Cups is a positive card which indicates your wishes will be coming true or your dreams will become a reality, as it represents triumph, success, and achievement. Will you draw the Nine of Cups? Will your future be filled with recognition, acclaim, fame? Can you carve out your place in history?

Pumpkin Pitch

Speaking of tarot-fying talent, have you ever seen a pumpkin sing? Here's your chance!